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Show Notes

Episode 614

Kratom binges, TeloTrolled, dead solar babies, Butterball University, talking turkey tech, there's still 10 Blockbusters, Keitel's Kielbasa Night, Police Magazine's editorials, to take a knee or not to take a knee?, The Season of Holiday Gift Guides, The Hefner Tribute Playboy, The Women of 7-11, #NoGifts2017, BBG: Bezos - Buffett - Gates, The Sandsculpting Championship, The World's Championship Duck Calling Contest, USA Today Snapshots, taking a break from social media, The Must See Cities of the World, mosquito mods, preparing for flying taxis, and 2 minutes in The Infinity Mirror.

Episode 613

Live from The Texas Theatre in Dallas TX, no pens and no bottle openers, Keyarra Romatelli, visiting the Oswald rooming house, Snoop Dogg's Mind's Eye, watching Crossroads in the woods, white cis sober vegans, seeing the world through old gray eyes, not enough murders to stop Halloween, sex NARCs, UYD: All the greatest ideas - No follow through, let Honey lace you out, Flip or Flop: Fort Worth, saying goodbye to Me, Myself & I, demand based pricing for movie tickets, The Real Estate Wealth Expo, Seth's Net Worth, everyone over 6'5" has the shittiest life ever, bigger lottery jackpots, The Flat Earth International Conference, birth control delivery, fringe cult tastemakers, Amazon's in-home delivery, USA Today Snapshots, Happy Birthday Seth's Mom, baby's first kill, no one gives a fuck about the Winter Olympics, Ask Jonathan, the friendship destroying handbag, National "Drowsy Driving Prevention" Week, navigating the roads of Texas, Hershey's new candy bar, spending hours watching things you hate, and being "twice exceptional".

Episode 612

Turtlenecks are always back, Joe Boxer on LIVE PD, the most reliable cars, auto-soulmates, just Barnes, Uber for movers, preparing for holograms, UYD LIVE shows, refusing fascism, UYD's Fast Casuals, supporting local worldwide businesses, saying goodbye to Elwood Adams Hardware, saying goodbye to Bella Umbrella, deaf neanderthals, keep your kids on a leash, Mel Gibson continues to flourish, the future of Avatar and Giovanni Ribisi, Adam Sandler refuses to put on pants, glowing reviews for everything, instant paychecks, immortal slave robot labor, and eating plant-based / McDonalds.

Episode 611

Who can relate?, heat and Halloween makeup, what scares the "Stranger Things" cast?, Impossible Fatburgers, preparing for a permanent underclass, soak in the sad at Dollargasm, West Nile lethargy, the home of the cloud, dead eyeballs, 100 page tribute to Hef and trannies, taking a knee in the bleachers, The 410 Boyz secretly filming Seth, back on sodas, Toomgis on the brain, Seth: The #1 Wingman, Jonathan: The Silver Fox, hitting the beverage scene, are bigger bubbles bad for you?, Topo Chico blowing up, Marlon Brando shot JFK, "Football Game" Drunk, Tommy Morrison gets tatt'ed up, it's hard to measure a marathon, National "Prescription Drug Take-Back" Day, USA Today Snapshots, bubble theories, sex robots don't have rights, and everything not real sucks.

Episode 610

Phoenix is Phly, 12 riffraffs per AM/PM, Jonathan goes monster truckin', McDonald's on McDowell's, perfect fit condoms, what happens when ice cream meets vodka?, DJ Khaled doesn't thank his wife, an oldest American's update, the most popular candies by state, 2017 Halloween costumes, put a Taz on it, Fred Armisen finds his roots, creepy historians, looking for the financial messiah, a new slogan for CoverGirl, license plate readers, Foster The People's only song, no helmets and Wild Hogs 2, digital dicks vs real dicks, impossible Fatburgers, something happened on Undercover High, down on Elon, getting caught up in Why Him?, evidence of aliens by 2035, angular jackets of the future, Vedic Astrology, fellow mystics, National "Mediation" Week, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, and for a better tomorrow we play today

UYD: Easy. Breezy. Beautiful.

Episode 608

Sitting Seth and USA Today Snapshots, Dr.Pepper bush, Miami drunks, keeping driver's off the phone, resting in bed, scroll-feed syndrome, the number of millionaires in the US, Cook vs Tosh, sleep days, how to live to be 100, governed by the tides, olds at the movies, the jackets of Gosling, #StopTheseDaddies , Trump ruins football, millennial snapshots, Xennials Motorcycle Rebel Club, bilingual children, lying on your resume, and penis vag now.

Episode 607

Officially Autumn, top money making prescription drugs, cutting out straws, National "Infection Prevention" Week, 2017 Halloween costumes, Infinity Mirrors, Instagram snuff videos, preparing for a nuclear autumn, personal growth Post-Its, Switzerland doesn't make good TV shows, mom tattoos and bear bows, The Ark Encounter, riding the bus with Dick Shave, blow by blow porn for the blind, UYD audio commentary, UYD LIVE shows right around the corner, like Arby's but good, celebrity malls, Lover Boy Crips, Dive!, don't throw rocks at black kids and don't blind Asian dudes, we're not giving up on Prime, bean lung, and animation is red hot.

Episode 606

Incorporating Michael Jordon into Me Myself & I, the best stage dad, the only thing cats like better than gravy, don't trust a vet, cannibal cats, Xennials, paying respects to Hef, Seth's handwriting, very to somewhat clean, combination Fatburger / Buffalo Express, UYD LIVE shows, a native women painted motorcycle, cannabis freakonomics, ranking fast food spots, Elon Musk's "Big Fuckin' Rocket", robot cats for dementia patients, ganja goo balls, National "School Lunch" Week, pinch rolled Cavariccis, NARC tools, and not camera ready for social media.

Episode 605

Crushed by palm fronds, LA without palm trees, a weekend of LIVE PD, a hard time for placard abusers, Seth for mayor, from Houston to Sydney, UYD LIVE shows, government controlled air conditioning, middle eastern fast casuals, new inductees at the National Toy Hall of Fame, National "Spinning and Weaving" Week, Rubik's Cube Championships, the single greatest parallel parking job in history, The Great American Beer Festival, unauthorized educators, real bacon talk, travel alerts and soft targets, prototype chicken fingers, weak ass useless human arms, USA Today Snapshots, Starbucks/Work/24 Hour Fitness/Kenny Rogers Roasters, and no docs for Ozzy.

Episode 604

Red hot content creators, missing the premiere of Me, Myself & I, fall foliage, 12 quarters for a newspaper, live show announcements, The Big Tex Awards, one eyed driving, no snitches - no ditches, explaining the game of football, catching up on the Vietnam War, Happy Birthday "West Side Story", the United Nations of Robert DeNiro, USA Today Snapshots, National "BFRB Awareness" Week, Toys aRn't Us, no big box STIHLs, The Color of the Year, your landlord doesn't paint your apartment, 91101, jail time for people who text and drive, a flood of ink, Jonathan's first tattoo, and my lizard tongue son.

Episode 603

Live from the Murmrr Ballroom in Brooklyn NY, Plain Jane yarmulkes, nominative determinism, the amazing talents of Miss Louisiana, 15 names for 3 sons, getting Bonkers in the library, Seth's Whole Foods pick up lines, State Trooper pick up lines, 50 years of 60 Minutes, dreaming in KOHLER, stunt-fucking, preparing for Fifty Shades of Valentine's Day, National "Clean Hands" Week, L. Ron's word jazz, drugs and drones, the dirty truth of Iced Coffee, The Secret Life of Restaurants, skinny dipping parties, so close to killing Oprah, delicious lactic juices, getting sweaty at the Gabagool Festival, USA Today Snapshots, old loads make infertile babies, elite commercial crimes, The Police Shooting Championships, sober jam bands, Ask Jonathan, eel hunters, vegan night baseball, and keeping a Band-Aid on hand.

Episode 602

Live from the Murmrr Ballroom in Brooklyn NY, sorry for 600, Happy Birthday Seth, getting into Hamilton, hip eateries, retiring dandelion, "Make America Woop Woop Again", dwindling white Christians, "Sabbath Mode" refrigerators, Mormon soaking, The Lord likes 1 year contracts, The Dakulator, the spirit of Lil Ted Bundy, post-murder houses, Undercover High, cryptocurrencies, leatherman vs hatchet, vegan apocalypse bars, Seth as Carl Panzram, Uhh Yeah Broadway, USA Today Snapshots, GenZGuru, is Josh Gad a celebrity?, Norsk Hostfest, Me Myself & I, the designer of the Apple logo, Toomgis, Leaf Peepers, song and dance man, drink and weed man, The Crime Writing Festival, Steampunk'd, goggles abound, National "Indoor Plant" Week, junkie paramedics, Ask Jonathan, selling weed in Walmart, and trying to quell my boner kill.

Episode 601

Taking a trip into the animal kingdom, Uhh Yeah Kindergarten, fish on antidepressants, species survival plans, there's a market for everything, the age of consent for bonobos, fish feeding on plastic, cranberry krill, the feral monkeys of Florida, primate roshambo, the resentment of ravens, no phones in the animal kingdom, coming back as an elephant, spider orgies, highwaymen beetles, and we are not animals.

Episode 600

Celebrity voice overs and the road to 1000.

Episode 599

Dipping back to 2016, Safe - Secure - Vital, The Day After, everyone dips out at 20 channels, Sam Hunt or Shane West?, unable to pass The Vito Russo Test, The Best Bakery in Alabama, award winning podcasting, DJ Little Ted Bundy, McDonald's Pizza serendipity, drug addict's organs, triple duped pyramid schemes, mildly swoll, modern freeze dried foods, left behind Cowboy coolers, freshening your earthquake kits, hungry but heavily armed, UYD-2023, all episodes now available in the archives, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, and the road to 700.

Episode 598

One step closer to heaven, The Little League World Series, the best names in the NFL, named after craft services, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, killing kids unless they like the Cowboys, USA Today Snapshots, oatmeal counts as math, Seth visits JPL, the future of sobriety testing, you can do it but you can't be it, honoring the police of 1922, pre-millennia passings, CraZanity, Mother Na' and Jeezo present: Rain, what are your "go to" websites?, Bassmaster University, no dragons until we cure leukemia, rooting for Roark, National "Truck Driver Appreciation" Week, San Hunt on heavy rotation, innovations in cleanliness, getting tickets to Adultcon and The Super Bowl, and Ron Hubbard's bomb shelters.

UYD: Heroes. Healers. Hustlers.

Episode 597

Live from San Francisco, sweet stick reveal, The O.J. Museum, dust and bones, Bhakti Fest vs The Tactical Training Expo, a night with the Tribbs, Detroit based computer software, the woes of charging a Tesla, a shout out to Live PD Nation, PornHub Insights, stealing porn from day laborers, the return of Hollywood Game Night, Game of Thrones spoiler alerts, Seth's Salmon and Beans, Merriam-Webster Time Traveler, police editorials, Korean Postcards, National "Play Music On The Porch" Day, Seth reads poetry, Jonathan sings, Ask Jonathan, revenge against God, National "Minimal Invasive Surgery" Week, high end car fresheners, USA Today Snapshots, the most hated food by state, the first first lady, drug slang for bath salts, Tom Cruise's fake butt, UYD not approached for the podcasting documentary, and Corey Feldman's hype man is Corey Feldman.

Episode 596

Getting chewed out for chewing, Autumn is coming, viewer discretion is advised, neuromyths, everything your parents told you was a straight up motherfucking lie, body score murders, radical new Frisbees, The Nineties, quotes from Nelly Mandela, the top 10 supercomputers in the world, quotes from William Blake, the liquid ninja grift, thinking outside the can, a shortage of bus drivers, exploding sex offenders, getting dumped on the bus, Ask Jonathan, Tajin and Umami, never traveling to a major US city, cock blocking vegan burgers, 90 second pizzas, the children of Musk, USA Today Snapshots, National "Safe At Home" Week, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you. Moonwalking on 700, and the paradox of tolerance.

Episode 595

Crunch the numbers, the final countdown of Seth Clips, shout out to Vimeo and Michael Winslow, a fear of West Nile, "paying" respects to Elvis, a bevy of new UYD LIVE shows, being haunted by Jerry, throwback warnings, cops love to play cute, twist the fear, Corey Feldman visits Haverhill, Seth visits Corey Feldman, real life Ghost Adventures, cut from the same cloth of dance, free LA Galaxy tattoos, shadow snakes, National "Chef Appreciation" Week, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, feeling the excitement of wildfires, signs of West Nile, psilocybin enzymes, and the changing media landscape of 2006.

Episode 594

Jump right into the comedy, The Wonderful World of Food, Kiefer Sutherland's band, getting into Brad Paisley, USA Today Snapshots, TV Buddy Bro, Motivational Football Quotes, Best Looking Trooper Cruisers, Carbon Monoxide Cruisers, Aquaball, kids and the garbage they eat, God lied to Jayestin Trevon Boston, Planetary Protection Officer, killing 7 billion for love, Oprah shows up for life, who owns Jones?, checking in on Tessa, UYD LIVE shows, updating the codes of responsible gambling, and scratching life until it's a gaping hole.

Episode 593

Podcasting in your 40s, a watered down Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Vincent "Brando" Vaughn, Boots In The Sky, UYD LIVE takes stage, National "Feeding Pets of the Homeless" Week, a cycle of suffering, the month of Obama, a generation of fucked grandparents, splicing diseases out of genetically modified babies, life ends at 50, getting burned on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Dax Shephard and Papa John, divorce is good for podcast ratings, Elon Musk's jeans, brain - dick- bank account, USA Today Snapshots, getting cocaine in Miami, tripping Na'vi's, Star Wars step kids, Tat-Bod-Mod, disbelief - Dinklage - dragons, who gets LAFF TV?, lowering the stakes of WWYD?, the serial cattle killer, LIVE-YD, and what's your B.A.W.D.Y. Score?

Episode 592

The first 3 minutes of The Lowe Files, getting your hands in the soil of Tatooine, J-Dawg Sr.'s 40th birthday party, The Top Party School in the US, hacked voting machines, the world didn't start until Faces of Meth, The Summer of Funboy, National "Psychic" Week, UYD Life Consultations, sperm slumps, high end dick hats, Clit Caps LLC, California's almond boom, Holographic Robot Mind Football, Germs-day Cakes, USA Today Snapshots, upping the smoking age, hot tix available for UYD LIVE shows, and birthday earthquakes on the Sunset Strip.

Episode 591

Happy Birthday to Jerry Garcia, coming alive at 40, being burned by your glitterphone, performing a world exclusive live song in San Fran, getting the pops twisted, bogus solar eclipse glasses, the gut is the brain of the body, shame tears, everyday is a startup, the first podcast done in the nude, The 2028 Olympics, not stalking Matt Bomer, there's no celebratory nature in The Holocaust Museum, bro-ing out with Nick, all the great 88's, Switzer Sweets, Extreme Eating Awards, fruit punch pickles, a sub... a stance, tuna and honey, Native American restaurants, it's never too early for rabbit, 6 second linear ads, Naked SNCTM, National "Stop On Red" Week, 1000 episodes of COPS, USA Today Snapshots, Street Punk Jeez, The OJ Pop Up Museum, and being born on the Sunset Strip.

Episode 590

Uhh Yeah Marcia, hanging out with Matt Bomer, microchipped employees, National "Assistance Dog" Week, nursery room injuries, a box of rainies, anxiety phones, the countries most stolen vehicles, 7000 insane corpses, Pepsi Zero Sugar vs Coke Zero Sugar, sober podcasting, treating bullying as a public health problem, Ask Marcia, amputee clown or topless dagger lady?, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos?, USA Today Snapshots, turns out that money does buy happiness, an overdoes of antibiotics, broken toes and hives, getting your fingers caught in car doors, $5 porchetta sandwiches, new requirements for bus drivers, Podcasting For Dummies, and cars with clocks.

UYD: Stealing from TV.

Episode 589

Live from The 9:30 Club in Washington DC, UYD goes wireless, plenty of room to moonwalk, not on the list for The National Museum of African American History and Culture, thank you Officer Harris, podcast masters, the return of Making The Team, please know the name of your quarterback, why should only men be able to buy condoms?, talking tail with Brace, watching old Weakest Links, Seth's Niacin Bran Crunch commercial, USA Today Snapshots, a guide to go vegan, NIN in Bakersfield, a spike in summer temperatures, the difference between Boy Scout and Girl Scout merit badges, The Brownie Web, new chip flavors, postcards from South Korea, places that don't have hummus, saying goodbye to Fred Whyte, Brandless, Jonathan turns 40, things that didn't exist in 2006, 100 more episodes of Live PD, no shoe - no shirt - full service, life hacker stove hacks, National "Single Working Women" Week, Americans killed by lightning, pew pew space corps, states with only one area code, the first 3 decade podcasting artist, RIPs to everybody, obsolete elevator operators, Portland bike thieves, The Me Myself and I wrap up show, Garden & Gun, The World Police and Fire Games, Ask Jonathan, and brushing up on your beach talk.

Episode 588

Going back to go forward, if these stories could talk, mini doctors and special medicine, running out of weed in Nevada, selfing cichlids, harnessing energy balls, the surge of loneliness, secret enemas and gateway groin grips, the doctor will spank you now, can't be in a building with James, The Butt Slapping Jogger, every bad thing throughout the history of time was caused by a dude, counting trees, whites only cemeteries, The Butt Lady of Auburn, 3D printed cars, getting hacked from Hickenloop, South Dakota's new Rabbi, The Afterlife Condo, and is there HBO in heaven?

Episode 587

Kicking the party off, UYD LIVE returns to DC, UYD LIVE returns to San Francisco, UYD LIVE returns to Brooklyn, shows where Seth sits, dipping back to 2013, The Hyper-Connected Couch Potato, Gleaming The Cube/A Brother's Vengence, huffing and driving, hands free is not risk free, you'll never forget the first time you make love or let your car drive you home, Dr. 90210 in Dubai, pollo chests and huge shoulders, a message from Brace, a rise in TV assassinations, resetting your internal clock with camping, moon bros, racist K9 cops, the brothers of Johnny Depp, and going down a Corey Feldman K-Grave.

Episode 586

Revenge porn laws, Live PD, Bosch and Flex, prison drones, Oprah lets it go, Hoarders or Intervention?, the return of Mr. Witherspoon, UYD LIVE shows coming to a city near you, sitting in Lincoln's lap, The Dead in Boston, The Goodyear Zeppelin, National Scrabble Week, Seth's New Orleans list, hanging up the landline, communicating with cops of the opposite gender, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, tipping your flight attendant, having to bring up Shark Week, songs to make love / do drugs to, and rhythms from Enya.

Episode 585

It's only getting hotter, swamp coolers, who is Magic Johnson?, The National Baby Food Festival, National "Baby Food" Week, digital athletes, virtual assault, UYD LIVE tickets on sale now, Sugar Ray Larroquette, a passion for live shows, reviewing Vespertine, USA Today Snapshots, the return of Hollywood Game Night, the return of What Would You Do?, The NY Times circa '84, who killed the USFL?, QVC+HSN, now who's the VJ?, The Mexican Museum scam, airport gate delivery, getting Levi's grifted, 666 at 7-Eleven, Ghost Adventures, The Christmas Creep is here, and staying camera ready 24/7/365.

Episode 584

Still Jonathan and still Seth, Van's style #48, 3 decades of podcasting, family owned animal testing, saying goodbye to The Oxwood Inn, grandmothered liquor licenses, America's best drivers, National "Nude Recreation" Week, CMEN brunch, The Org that won, Sam Elliott goes to China, UYD LIVE show announcements, watching people playing cards, The World Series of Darts, sports for unhealthy people, bootleg laserdiscs, the world's busiest airport, The Playboy Advisor, OLED TVs, stop DJ Khaled, questions about The Hunt, loaded with cadmium, and USA Today Snapshots.

Episode 583

Vespertine, digital taxis, UYD in DC, UYD in San Fran, UYD in Brooklyn, the return of Battle of the Network Stars, Jay Leno's Denim Garage, post season behind the scenes football, eclipse stamps, Spectrum's overkill, Jonathan's "new" phone, interactive porn, sex toys on amazon, Fred Bear: Bowhunter, crying for Okja, the return of River Phoenix, new Academy voters, 3 strikes for ODers, Seth's precious junkie, getting ticket grifted, USA Today Snapshots, and National "Farriers" Week.

Episode 582

Live from The Aladdin Theater in Portland, USA Today Snapshots, what's in Seth's fridge?, South Korean postcards, The Sandler Syllabus, having children makes you live longer, National "Unassisted Home Birth" Week, Jane-athan, Jonathan creates Tinder, no movie theaters in Saudi Arabia, Seth watches All Eyez On Me, 4 out of 5 unusable public pools, needles and diapers, orthodox punkers, preparing for 11 billion people, looking at land, Mark's son is my son's father, snow strawberries, free clams, UYD's past summer jams, stumbling into Paisley, Menards-a-trois, Papa Jah joins the stage, eating roadkill, slang terms for cocaine, hard liquor and football, Mia Sara and sons, The Great American Camp Out, and Ask Jonathan.

Episode 581

More drug slang code words, 500,000,000 photos a day, get your weapons now, Resort World Las Vegas, preparing for the Chinese cinema takeover, direct deposit with SAG, 6 seconds of Hyperion Bay, USA Today Snapshots, tiny body/huge ego, lucky Hollywood street rats, Ask The Captain, being born on a submarine, recreating Playboy covers, going through the marijuana archives, don't break the law when you're breaking the law, National "Lightning Safety Awareness" Week, wood stove rebates, near death mishaps on Christmas Day, turning proverbs into songs, transgender cadets, you either respect people or you are a garbage person, and UYD's first mixtape.

Episode 580

Ask Marilyn, National Week of Making, The 2017 XXL Freshmen Class, drug slang codewords, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, Kodak smartphones, taking the lap out of laptop, how to teach global warming to your kids, USA Today Snapshots, selling fireworks in Iowa, Ken Burns' Vietnam War, guessing VO Artists, exploring fetal vision, Jonathan's Movie Reviews, Hollywood Wonder Women, Dallas Cowboys street art, Seth's mails his headshot to Leonor's, making podcasts and babies, and upcoming Patreon Perks.

Episode 579

Real Dads = Stihl Dads, subscribing to Bowhunting World Magazine, Bunker Babes, Oprah in Maui, Jonathan's love affair with golf, no more Corvette tours, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, face scanning at the airport, 30 years of COPS, the most hated hotel experiences, Seth in the media center, the five stages of sexuality, keeping your neighbors from crawling through your house, you don't need a phone if you have a piece, a dual dad celebration, going Zeta, storminess in sedimentation, being tired makes you ugly, the healing power of ASMR videos, National "Hermit" Week, USA Today Snapshots, and looking 25 years into the future.

Episode 578

Checking the results of The International Mr. Leather Competition, hugging your therapist, Summer Foods INs and OUTs, more purple, Guns N' Liars, going to a professional soccer game, Walmart home delivery, no more robot Ubers, Police Magazine steals from UYD, from CHiPs to Baywatch, Jonathan's summer movie recap, drug tourists, dogs on Vicodin, the return of Hank Williams Jr., vegan eats in Portland, vegan strip clubs, don't get grifted by ticket brokers for UYD LIVE shows, USA Today Snapshots, becoming an Alaskan State Trooper, and National Flag Week.

Episode 577

FML forever, Seth's dad vs Fire and Iron, the number of thoughts you have in a day, no time for The Keepers, Mommy Dead and Dearest, a Möbius Strip of podcasting, the most dangerous days on the road, The New Adventures of Old Lot Kid, the official dairy products of Wisconsin, a long strange trip, The Lords of Destruction, Jonathan watches Guardians of The Galaxy, art museum grifts, contact in the desert, visiting Pandora, mixed reality, rules are different in VR bars, visiting The Starbucks headquarters, Miss USA 2017, no drug use at Lightning In A Bottle, INs and OUTs, 1 star Uber rides, Tussin babies, Ram Dass Tweets, Ask Jonathan, National "Healthy and Safe Swimming" Week, and RIPs Chris Cornell.

Episode 575

710's the new 420, illegal scam calls, telemarketing battle bots, the Verde Valley newsletter, USA Today Snapshots, polygamy in Pringle South Dakota, National "Food Allergy Awareness" Week, the plump lip salad, The Dance makes it's debut, Lucille's father, a religious duty to sell heroin, the sideward force of bullets, are The Mythbusters scientists?, The International Mr. Leather Competition, the juicy G of SpaceX, raising the speed limit in Carson City NV, police dog homicide, remember to S.C.A.N. this summer, Walmart is a feeling, manufacturing laughter, and UYD LIVE returns to Portland and D.C.

UYD: A lot of leather. A lot of love. A lot of lube.

Episode 574

Live from Spirit in Pittsburgh, traveling woes, United Fight Club, the largest gay dance music festival in the world, Jonathan goes to the S&M Ball, Space Cops, Alcoa presents, Seth's dad's new whip, making The Dance a classic, stealing River Phoenix's headshot, USA Today Snapshots, the downfall of Blockbuster Video, are we are always hallucinating?, git-r-done Elvis, National "Screen Free" Week, what people earn, speaking of gains, the many impressions of Dana Carvey, Horse / Weed / Mind's Eye, preparing for Cinco de Mayo, shirts for dads, Ask Jonathan, motorcycles helmets and guns, Chinese Product Recalls, and Seth's book about Roman Catholic church bulletins.

Episode 573

Juice swapping smart phones, preparing for Tessa Porter, Oprah's spring hair report, a double dose of USA Today Snapshots, Stop The Bleed, swim colonel, what is an ethical will?, a tripling of LDS, National "Tattoo" Week, remembering Jonathan's grandmother, neanderthal erotica, real books only have one writer, Christian medical share, more surefire pick up lines, and four Lemonades every three weeks.

Episode 572

It's nice to have a safe space, 13 reasons why I'm an asshole, the internet is not made for old people, Police Magazine, a few more 1980's pick up lines, tickets going fast for UYD LIVE shows, The State of the Air 2017, the upcoming schedule for the Dallas Cowboys, blind sniff tests, watching the new Adam Sandler movie, Yogi misses his family, USA Today Snapshots, new health reports from 23andMe, augmented VR face melt, sex robots are not just for fucking, National "Playground Safety" Week, the cancer will come in tonight, mind virusing Seth with The Low Files, Blue Chips > CHiPs, and everything is garbage.

Episode 571

A beautiful day in Los Angeles, narc on your postal carrier, everyday is Earth Day, American Playboy, keeping an eye on Marston, boobless harlots, Aerosmith Airlines, the best 1980's pick up lines, what happens at The Abbey?, USA Today Snapshots, alien adjacent, Dr. Foot Creep, The Demeter Fragrance Library, ugly toddlers, the Bill O'Reilly of rock and roll, prisoner graduates, snitch bitch Tim Allen, Happy Mother's Day Aaron Rodger's mom, and the quinceanera of sobriety.

Episode 570

Jimmy Fallon was a movie star, watered down homosexuals, infinite profit, United States of Auntie Anne's Pretzels and human dipping sauces, DiCaprio dismisses his TV mother, USA Today Snapshots, stuff is stuff and money is nothing, The Dance on Y&R, smart mirrors, Backstreet Boys at The Country Music Awards, how to party like you're on vacation, can a man be too handsome?, Ask Jonathan, the best places to retire, getting nude in The Dance, a new season of Bosch, the acting Lintz family, the love life of Olivia Munn, dongy dongs, new warnings for Florida lottery tickets, and Body Dysmorphic Progressive Disorder.

Episode 569

The Top Doggers Podcast, daylight savings for the Navajo, bouncing through time, the anniversary of the LA Riots, stealing a snake, micro implants and cranial computers, Chief Chancellor of the Archives of Time and Information, reppin' Sports Illustrated merch, taking it a step further at Burning Man, preparing for Jonathan's 40th birthday, the fastest/easiest way to meet new women, social isolation media, yoga booty models, repurposed ketamine, don't take K in the day, reading a Seth Thomas clock, the number one honey producers, upcoming UYD LIVE shows, the fall of Pronto, National "Testicular Cancer Awareness" Week, who's Drew Barrymore's 4th husband going to be?, USA Today Snapshots, and check out the new UYD video footage.

UYD: The existential risk is too high not to.

Episode 568

Happy Birthday Ben, USA Today Snapshots, daddy's bookmarks, Teen Vogue talks about sex, old white straight and tired, sobriety anime, reelin in the chips, 4 remaining phone booths, drinking cacao, Seth watches CHiPs, Seth prepares for Sandy Wexler, the return of The Dark Net, A.I. sex robots, uploading your mind to the algorithm, catch me Gita, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you, drunk lives matter, Seth bumps into Jonathan, naming your personal assistant, diaper wearing baby boomers, National "Laugh At Work" Week, Seth and Jonathan plan for the future, cleanliness complaints at Minneapolis strip clubs, legal switch blades, twine and avocados, and having children only to have grandchildren one day.

Episode 500 (video)

Special taping of Episode 500 live from the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, California

— ✶✶✶ —
Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this happen:

Producer - Forest Erickson
Editor / Cinematographer - Josh Russell - instagram.com/joshrussell00
Cinematographer / Colorist - Vinny Pereira - instagram.com/vinormi
Title design - Daren Magee - Real Fun Wow - instagram.com/realfunwow

500th Show crew:
Brent Howard
Nick DeVivo
Desiree Holton
Joe Mullins

Donald Byrd - "Miss Kane"
Aphex Twin - "Cirklon3"
Kendrick Lamar - "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" (instrumental)
A Tribe Called Quest - "Can I Kick It?" (instrumental)
Eddie Hazel - California Dreamin'
— ✶✶✶ —

Episode 567

Live from The Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn NY, kiss my Irish ass, Irish America Magazine, defining legend, dating a colleague, God bless Oprah Winfrey, Ask Jonathan, the tweets of Larry The Cable Guy, what's next for Casey Affleck?, Zuckernerd returns to Harvard, gentrified Mexico, living alongside C.H.U.D.S., sobriety at Club Med, missing cocaine, don't put testosterone in charge of your money, bending Parade Magazine's mind, IMAX VR, Seth walks the walk, forest bathing, a little more Playboy news, fucking and scrapping, replacing the LA Pride Parade, alcoholic cold brew, drugs in the cupholder, USA Today Snapshots, the private school blues, and National "Act Happy" Week.

Episode 566

Live from The Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn NY, Seth's ancestry paperwork, sober for St. Patrick's Day, UYD's DNA, Starbuck's cups for spring, mobile podcasting, the April fools creep, a baker's dozen of pocket pussies, National "Welllderly" Week, fringe Jones, The Live PD Control Room, Bobby Moynihan as J-Dawg Sr, the Ed Sheeran backlash, restricting printed Playboy's, baseball in the snow, our first Playmate born in the 2000s, traveling with a loaded gun, the average cost of a wedding, the cause of wildfires, preparing for the big one, cut another finger mommy, The Tenement Museum, remote diocese, juicy g all d, Ask Jonathan, ignoring the naked guy on the street, robot burgers, Tinder Select, touch and go with the brits, and Seth's Poetry Corner. #moms

Episode 565

Grateful to be here, Italian Starbucks, 4 new flavors of Oreo, 2 extra hours of boozin', drinking in Dubai, backwards baseball jerseys, the death of Kris Kross, Ask Jonathan, where to watch LIVE PD, brand new adults, National "Agriculture" Week, sleeping pods, talking shit about Japan, get your tickets for UYD LIVE, the seasonal creep, living/loving in Los Angeles, in theater playgrounds, urinal theaters, being hacked by Uber, is Freejack a good movie?, who's in Jonathan's contact list, and USA Today Snapshots?

Episode 564

RIPs Bill Paxton, International "Brain Awareness" Week, Playboy's heritage, entertainment for human beings, UYD LIVE coming to a town near you, UYD's Fast Casuals, Zoup-isms, the wise words of Steve Beshear, start planning for 100, The UYD Reality Show, 3:57AM - 4:19AM < 100 views, preparing for The Arkansas Killfest, a day without a woman, Brawny Women vs Bounty Men, They Are Among Us, paying with space currency, laughter/insight, what people earn, adding phrases to the dictionary, nauseating sugar booze, defining British celebrity, and defining Ed Sheeran.

Episode 563

What's 563 backwards?, a thicker cut of life, flip flops and tank tops, USA Today Snapshots, what's the best whitestrip?, sick scratchers, playing the airport slots, ask Pat Robertson, don't put Jesus or Cascade on the line, Test X180 Ignite, National "Sleep Awareness" Week, ask Walter Scott's Personality Parade, Mountain State Maple Day, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE show near you, preparing for Day Light Savings, 13 lbs of horse genitals, The Spirit of Play, deficient bridges, flying in jeans and a sweatshirt, underprepared for the big one, coworking competitive cohorts, and a six-week stalk.

Episode 562

Back in the studio, just be you, Billy Gates warnings for the future, getting sucked down the rabbit hole, National "Write a Letter of Appreciation" Week, the return of Playboy, Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday, giving up shoes for Lent, American Girl/Boy Dolls, Voltron's wooden power-sword, Big Coolness, the future of doctor visits, APPL-A-Day, a new couch for the studio, scamming your grandma, Seth watches Fifty Shades Darker, 100 years of Fluff, UYD LIVE shows in a city near you, USA Today Snapshots, The Roma-Times: All The Breasts Fit To Print, and how much trash do you make?

Episode 561

Live from Kings in Raleigh NC, beautiful Indian spices, Seth's preschool report card, isolated on a volcano, 100 years of Cheerwine, all liquors matter, whoosh your phone, The Winter Fancy Food Show, UYD's Fast Casuals, hacking This American Life, the world's longest flight, maxing out at 5 friends, UYDames, Seth visits 2 Dope Queens, USA Today Snapshots, Ocean Medallion, lyrics by Jonathan, Seth's TV Picks, spin desks, Dr. Hansen Peed-hD, National "Through With Chew" Week, Ask Jonathan, life inside the secret space program, The Tot Squad, secret ATM cleaners, and the mantra of Monster energy drinks.

Episode 560

Live from Kings in Raleigh NC, Happy Birthday Jennifer Aniston, VR tree chopping, Cuba Gooding Jr. on Inside the Actor's Studio, women calling the shots, Seth's high school report cards, A Journal Is Born, National Random Acts of Kindness Week, restroom peepin', Jonathan in The National Enquirer, I.A. poker players, actors making money, USA Today Snapshots, Prof. Clapback, it ain't a show if there ain't no hoes, preparing to shut down The Missouri Highway Patrol, giant cock fights, Bruce Willis's airport, does Grandma Ruth bone down?, cowboy erotica, hungry on campus, Jonathan behind bars, orgy hippo island, Ask Jonathan, the opposite of massage, Ask Walter Scott, and beating up Star-Lord.

Episode 559

Stories with a Native American theme, Mayflower simulations, thanks for the small pox, buy direct from the Navajo Nation, hidden turquoise beads, Tribal Lending Entities, Dakota Böschk, EZ Rims 4 Rent, the white man would kill the bear, it gets cold watching The Revenant, federally recognized eagle feathers, tiny trap house, Jonathan's ferry cock-up, The Oklahoma License Plate, from finger paints to fingerprints, keeping Lakota alive, and it's 20 or bust.

Episode 558

Getting into February, getting into Miss Universe, getting drunk in Paris, UYD LIVE in Pittsburgh, from Straight A's to XXX, taking it straight to Judd Nelson, National Dump Your Significant Jerk Week, make room for new love, achieving Top Wallet Fitness, the map to Old Orgy Island, getting in with the locals at Krimsey's, what's my farm worth?, Monsanto Raves, electronic bumper stickers, preparing for the Kitten Bowl, opening day at Crumbs & Whiskers, USA Today Snapshots, making out with Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson, the ups and downs of playing Super Lotto, a fast turnaround for the solar eclipse, and the first robotic barista.

Episode 557

Check your privilege, embracing the outer Oprah, see you at the 2018 Super Bowl, using fire for comedic effect, Arrogant Rodgers, getting fish duped, the first lighthouse, creditors are the lowest form of all person, The Magic Castle Cabaret, the coldest places in America, the smallest a human dick can be, the largest Ikea in America, getting psychically grifted, the windiest cities in America, Ask Jonathan, take me out to the ball gag, National Handwriting Analysis Week, chip rumors, the long winded power of Ayurveda, and Postmates your sutas.

Episode 556

The Police Cafe, J-Dawg Sr on WTF, This Week in Aviation, Ask The Captain, Cannabis Cons, THC in Texas, Wahlburgers is headed to China, National Snowmobile Safety Week, Cowgirl Magazine, contemporary cowboy erotica, USA Today Snapshots, to process or not to process, bait-tempting, they hacked the humans, Ask Jonathan, the earrings of Johnny Depp, the people don't know nothin', Hockey Dads: Who Gives A Puck, why did they fuck with CHiPs?, The Pedestrian Danger Index, The World's Finest Trained Dogs, scares and frights at the abandoned psychiatric hospital, The Clickbait Generation, the cloud benefits, The Sexual Health Expo, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you, and live nude women right in your kitchen nook.

Episode 555

UYD's gun op-ed, South Korean postcards, pipe bombs at the gun-by-back, spotting a mass shooter, shot spotters, Seth's accents, rapid hemostasis, anti-gun people getting guns, 50% of the world's guns in the US, the official state rifle of Tennessee, soylent bullets, there are more guns than people, Oprah and guns, The Beretta Research Facility, active shooters and olds, gun smithery, revisiting Doc Hollywood, and it's a shitty way to have to live.

Episode 554

Definitely from now on, Starbucks Reserve, Soylent Nectar = Regular Soylent, A.I. Whispers, Chinese Taco Bell, Papa Johns Tweets, Joe Calderone, Ask Jonathan, a room full of juicy G, USA Today Snapshots, the worst cities for fall allergies, National No Name Calling Week, the price of original Air Jordans, The Men's Project, The Women's March, year end porn stats, zombie botnets, hair barometers, and Podcast: The Movie.

Episode 553

Sitting Seth, taking it back to 2015, wonderful at stealing / terrible at gambling, high stakes blackjack cutting, Inner Circle's assassin, the true Vermont experience, fake arrest marriage proposals, an excess in male births, why is childbirth so painful?, the rising price of rhino horn, fat teens robust responses, getting wallet zapped, giving your quarters to jeezo, smell memories, Cinnabon VR Porn, low self esteem amongst people with plastic surgery, Face-Pos / Bod-Pos / Pod-Pos, semen squirt guns, everyone gets a Starbucks Giftcard, life is amazing if you aren't dirt poor, and Seth's cat has taught him how to love.

Episode 552

Happy New Year, Ask Jonathan, skip school and find a lover, grandmas make life possible, Republicans have the bible on lock, Dunkin Donuts Agape, new Soylents, the robot revolution, drone it to my inbox, National Home Office Safety and Security Week, The Proust Questionnaire, people are the new places, being first in line at Krimsey's, caveman toothpicks, UYD's Restaurant News, guns and mud, no guns for Christmas, USA Today Snapshots, Alan at Starbucks, Door's Day, Bombshells, portable affordables, deception detection, my 3rd eyes open, and 2017 couled be a big year for podcasts.

Episode 551

2017 is going to pop off, Top 10 websites, throwback police gear, USA Today Snapshots, Tobey's TV, HD COPS, Officer Romatelli's on the scene, the first female ringmaster, National Celebration of Life Week, the mortality patterns of humans, Ask Jonathan, everything in life is inherently sexual, Locksmith In A Box, the ups and downs of Playboy, loving this new paper stock, texting whilst driving, a new breed of butt-dialing, The Geena Davis Institute, The International Yoga Festival, retiring with Uber, tattoo machines, robo-advisors, Adam Sandler walks amongst us, and laughter is the only medicine left.

Episode 550

It's still holiday season, the 7-11 graveyard, 2017 is the year of Oprah Adventure, soft american skin, UYD Live in Brooklyn, the mature trees of Verde Valley, getting an MFA in Podcasting, someday Leo will come, active sniffing, the ultimate soft target, the intersection of HY and Juggalos, Pringles Loud, Reeses Sticks and Four Loko, Anniston Alabama, dancing with Ricin, computers in your ears, no more cash at Sweet Green, "White Man Waste", National New Year's Resolutions Week, passengers for hire, USA Today Snapshots, don't undress your Oculus, supernatural healing, it's all chi, getting your voice mail off the grid. and get swoll and get strange.

Episode 549

Christmas time in East Hollywood, DJ Holidaze, The 85th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, whatever happened to Barry Pepper?, I saw mommy kissing Terl, Jonathan's TV Picks, Top Puppet, don't sleep on UYD in Brooklyn, John Travolta's gorgeous thick mane, 10,000,000 pills per county, The 2016 Hollywood Screenplay Blacklist, falling asleep during Star Wars, Super Flow Sunday, say more wonderful things, Frito Lay sits out the Super Bowl, Hippy Crack Explosions, new meat cuts for 2017, National Personal Self Defense Awareness Month, back-neck eyeballs, things get dicey in St. Louis, depressed airline pilots, the Boston police department scrolling feeds for criminals, Carnival Cruise Lines vomit recognition technology, Belize is not the answer, Cinna-gate, are chimps better fathers than humans?, you gotta fight to 2017, USA Today Snapshots, and just chill till the next episode.

Episode 548

Live from The 2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center in St. Louis MO, psychedelic medicine, the alumni of John Burroughs High School, Dominos European pizza, roommates over 40, thank you to Nick, Tyler gets down on one knee, the perfect penmanship of South Korean postcards, smuggling your brisket into a vegan restaurant, drugs & meat - tea & tofu, ball and cup artistry, Kendama / Ted Drewes / Mind's Eye, laundry uber, vagabond he's, National Spiritual Literacy Month, jumping up to spiritual warrior, saying goodbye to Celebrity Name Game, we need to find all episodes of Work It, USA Today Snapshots, The Malibu Poet Laureate, embryo selfies, AVN Award Nominees, firehouse safe stations, domestic violence counseling hairstylists, Be My Baby Tonight, the death of Cheri Oteri's dad, waiting for Jonathan to kill Seth, Pantone's Color of the Year, the St. Louis orangutan wants out, burlesque is a no brainer, cloaking earthquakes, fake Globetrotters, Seth on Skype, and getting to the bottom of the zion curtain.

Episode 547

Seasons greetings, I guess it's the holidays, a UYD grab bag, nicotine replacement therapy, a micro dose of G, all ages - sans savvy, LAPD Lambo, lover boy accomplices burn the school down, Jesus saves bibles from being burned, the first landmark for an event that happened in the air, Mt. Everest skeletons, preventing palm tree trimmer fatalities, Gao Gao is now Xavier Xavier, beater spaceships, 100,000 asian flowers, liars - deep hippies - mormons - amish, screen is screen, 32" Kitchen TV's, octopus moms, reabsorb into papa, swapping babies with dolls, is television making us fat?, fugitives that walk amongst us, oxys - meth or comedy?, and caramelized onions are a bit of a bold move.

Episode 546

Live from The Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, the utmost respect for Aaron Rodgers, The Slenderman walks amongst us, HBO's fractal dreams, VR car crashes, grandma's airplane desserts, jingle alchemists, Tony Bennett and the Crows, #AllTypesAllSwipes, People's Sexiest Man Alive, welcome home porno, postcards from Korea, RIPs Mrs. Brady, comments for Kanye, a decline in stick shifts, double Christmas trees, killing Disney, no one goes to REI on Black Friday, anti-vegetarian T-shirts, USA Today Snapshots, Juvies watching A Christmas Carol, Coffee-Mate little brothers, chiming in pilots, The Surgeon General of Scientology, supplementing fingerprints, Ask Jonathan, Airbnb Tricks, is Passengers a real movie?, National Hand Washing Awareness Week, getting the word out on surfing in Hawaii, the best bricklayer in the world, and I may be a real bad boy but baby I'm a real good man.

Episode 545

Do Seth and Jonathan sound alike?, two-part comedy harmonies, going to Mars/Hawaii, Potter Country, UYD Live shows coming to a city near you, the main area code in Dallas TX, Mark Wahlberg as Shia LaBeouf, morphing the COPS logo, USA Today Snapshots, lifelong bachelor Christopher Hewett, from Zappa to 2 Chainz, Connecticut's Annual Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp Art Contest, neander-sapiens, texting The Butterball Hotline, being info-harvested by Vertical Mass, getting into campers, Ask Jonathan, putting a cap on the TSA precheck, GoPro confessionals, people that will never be arrested, a rise in shotgun marriages, Horror-fied dads, a hot new update for The Exorcist, never take PBS for granted, and sarcastic letters from John Sr.

Episode 544

Oh yeah, Single's Day, Chinese PB&J, STIHL-merica, National Family Week, USA Today Snapshots, how many bows can you put on a car?, you can't trust music, a mystical cosmic currency, Billy Lynn's Long Boring Halftime Walk, The Cowboys will win The Super Bowl, The Arrival: Snooze-fest 101, diapers for comfort, hacking the US Army, tickets for live UYD shows selling out in a city near you, Go-Go Gods, internal dancing, MaxHeadroom420, Seth returns to M Cafe, destroying 2016 World Series gear, boycotting baseball, ghost ride the barnacle, Jonathan goes to Burgerim, The Fine Craft Show, and 2016 is the year of VR,

Episode 543

Welcome aboard, the gift of spiritual freedom, getting gains from self serving lies, blunt fatigue, passion flowers, is there anything an app hasn't done?, The Wanda Group, Tackle My Ride, tickets on sale now for a UYD Show near you, Kopp's vs Leon's, Longevity Disconnect Bias, we're all Native Americans, are we equipped for Hololens?, somewhere is maybe nowhere, National Geography Awareness Week, Skype babies, USA Today Snapshots, you can't throw VR glasses on the moon, The Lights of the Ozarks, Ask Jonathan, the video game rules don't allow it, and Ray Kurzweil or Koby Teith?

Episode 542

An unprecedented televised event, tricking dummies, Dickram's Yoga, robots at the airport, The Frank Zappa Auction, National Home Care Aid Week, Matthew McConaughey at The 50th Annual Country Music Awards, USA Today Snapshots, picking out a US Marshal, Live PD, Jail: Big Texas, TSA Precheck, The Dickens Christmas Show and Festival, Punch and Judy, night sports lead to night arrests, thinking about Bon Jovi everyday, #GetMeToLevine, the future of protein, heme is life, Ask Jonathan, the fancy version of Cafe Gratitude, UYD LIVE tickets on sale now, Seth doesn't have Snapchat, reliving Minority Report, and community based artisanal podcasting.

Episode 541

Live from The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, The Juicy Lucy, Prince and Kirby Puckett, gold bars instead of banks, the return of Space Jam, Happy Birthday to Seth's Mom, considerable less African descent than desired, Seth goes to The Haunted Maze, Jonathan goes to a Sci-Ti Halloween Party, even more Crazy T-Shirts, Seth goes into a sensory deprivation tank, National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, where's the good vegan egg nog?, New Holiday Pringles, USA Today Snapshots, robot delivery drivers, Bee Free Honee, thanks to Patreon, Minnesota's favorite Halloween candy, The Best Public Restroom, a spirited round of Monster Truck / U.S. Military Training Exercise / Mind's Eye, a hatred for Craig Ferguson, Dream Reality Cinema, expanding Area 51, wearing a STIHL hat in Minneapolis, the world's first smart crib, learning how to communicate with your spirit guide, The IMDb Law, slutty and current, Ask Jonathan, the rules of cremation, remaking The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Movie, when will the Russians fall, and know your worth.

Episode 540

#Abundance #Blessed, CVS News Sunday Morning, predicting the president with bumper stickers, coal matters, "She's your daughter. Not your date.", #Shatter, impossible pumps, UYD Tickets on sale in a city near year, meditative tech, Parade Magazine answers the meaning of life, RIP Black Pussy, counting tattoos, Ask Jonathan, The Twin Cities Veg Fest, The People Walker, National Red Ribbon Week, Celebrity Name Games, USA Today Snapshots, serial arsonists, 200,000 family reunions, age related volume loss, professional voice-men working for flank steak and a sixer, and live like the powers out.

UYD: Brought to you by Radiesse.

Episode 539

Everyday value mangos, sneaking answer into Celebrity Name Games, USA Today Snapshots, father and son alcoholics, bad blood in The Real World, National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, introducing Pepsi Zero Sugar, The Impossible Burger, Heme Boys, get hip to Quarry, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you, The Super "W", The China Arena Football League, The East Hollywood Fu Dogs, Gordon The Piru Creeper, General Snus, UYD Janitorial Services, states that allow corporal punishment, 4K-3D-VR-Vegan-Glory, my Seth was amazing, hippie cafes, The State Fair of Louisiana, Rock-It The Robot, when do you become old?, desert breasts, and The Romatelli Curse.

Episode 538

The Ford Super Duty, punch work in the face, the scent of Louis Vuitton, the 2009 minimum wage, the slightly off stories of John Kelly Gentry Jr. the ever changing landscape of West Hollywood, special guests UYD, Operation Child Tracker, The National Museum of African American History and Culture, the kids of MLK, National School Bus Safety Week, detention for everyone, USA Today Snapshots, combo names, in bed by 7 - asleep by 10, UYD LIVE tickets on sale now, cheese curd squeaks, crispy snoots, UYD's Fast Casual pizza joints, saying goodbye to hardware stores in general, America goes brew crazy, New River Gorge Bridge Day, the athletes of NASCAR, not one but two Tlingit apps, Cyber-Seth and The Everlasting Cloud, do football players shit themselves?, CYLL for Barrett-Jackson, and the past is male.

Episode 537

Sunday is not the first day of the week, Celebrity Name Game, a bevy of pizza-based UYD's Fast Casuals, USA Today Snapshots, workers on drugs, faking a piss test, J.J.Redick takes a biometric break, texting strangers in cars, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE show near you, researching St. Louis, National Teen Driver Safety Week, "Drive Jah, drive!!!", The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, white guy rap names, more tacos for Pacers fans, saying goodbye to The Wonderbar, "Let's ditch these losers...", a fuck season for lazy male arctic squirrels, long yawns, charging money at the Griffith Observatory, fuck The M Cafe, UYD spreads it's wings into other podcasts, and reversing the driving/drinking ages.

Episode 536

Proud to bring you Episode 536, UYD LIVE in STL, Dolphinaris AZ, BAR-ber Shops, National School Lunch Week, saying goodbye to beauty schoolsl, a much needed make over for Lady Liberty, cosmetic tattooist, traveling dental hygienist, Louisiana's stripper laws, 18 across the board, get more from your DNA evidence, heading straight to undercover, UYD's Fast Casuals, mammalian clade, dedicated to Battlefield Earth, RIP's Rabbs Tree Frog, Ask Jonathan, The National Storytelling Festival, saying goodbye to The Louie Key Market, USA Today Snapshots, The Autumn Leaves Festival, the lives of Chang and Eng Bunker, and a rise is spending time with your kids.

Episode 535

Shifting the zodiac, flexing the seal, Jonathan's kitchen visitor, Seth's away game, year round basketball, Live PD, watching the debates with no sound, Buffalo Bill's house for sale, texting airline pilots, The NEA vs Military Bands, Beignet Fest, World Space Week, Ask Jonathan, Bass Pro Shop buys Cabela's, hybrid country, Willie Khalifa, UYD's Fast Casuals, UYD LIVE tickets are on sale now, the many fine foods of St. Louis, Beefcakesmen, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Cha Cha Cha, Just Us No Phones, and experiencing all the weather in San Fran.

UYD: Kid tested, mother approved.

Episode 534

Podcasting from the future, the forecast is unclear for the Raines family, a bully triangulation app, experimental college, professional fuckers, National Customer Service Week, active clean up for The BUZZ Wine and Beer Shop, olds on the road, burning Jesus on the cross, is "Tina" becoming a problem in your life?, the Simon Cowell of figure skating, no more NFL Shortcuts on TV, slamming your iPad, fly in/fly out for The Cowboys and 49ers, bumper crops of blueberries, crackle vapes, UYD's Fast Casuals, seeking millennial air traffic controllers, I'd kill for Cusack, Ask Jonathan, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to J&J Burning and Fabricating, Roma '20, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE show near you, and make eye contact with someone this week.

Episode 533

Dos Americanos, Ask Jonathan, Street Airbnb, the return of Celebrity Name Game, get your tix for upcoming UYD LIVE shows, dipping back in with JonBenet Ramsey, you gotta watch television, Kevin James is back, mobility bigots, Seth watches The Big Bang Theory, stanching opioid use, remaking the exorcist for TV, the season of mini-pumpkins, Fonzie's blindness, emulating Pinky Tuscadero, The Monkees vs Black Sabbath, Seth takes the Helter Skelter Tour, The Selena Cosmetic Collection, growing up with Menudo, National Carry A Tune Week, Jonathan on The Voice, saying goodbye to Miller's Variety Store, UYD's Fast Casuals, semi autonomous motorcars, The Cotton Pickin' Fair, everyone should shut the fuck up and leave each other alone, USA Today Snapshots, and leaving our relationships for our cars.

Episode 532

Adult men taking trips, The Gay Days at Disneyland, Straight Bear Day, UYD's Fast Casuals, butched up animals, dwindling HoJo's, hot dogs and mushrooms, National Keep Kids Creative Week, remembering your most horrifying flights, get your tickets for UYD LIVE, the straight lampin' of the Dakota Sioux, the history of Jumping The Shark, The Kelly Slater of Internet Research, The Zuz is Loose, Benson Mule Days, Relationship OCD, USA Today Snapshots, bleep bloops in the cloud, Chicago's city tracker, BonAppetour, and Happy Birthday Seth!

UYD: Detouring rivals and attracting mates.

Episode 531

The 2017 Miss America Pageant, go to both UYD LIVE shows, Dinky The Elephant, stubborn fast casuals, Heyzuz's trip across America, Seth driving on the wrong side of the road, treats from Japan, Cherry-Ahh-Rita, The Amazing George, the famous events of September 20th, USA Today Snapshots, Gluten Free Dining Halls, National Child Passenger Safety Week, finding the ripest avocados, the return of Dr. Hansen, Ask Jonathan, newspaper typos and dead newsies, Operation Avalon, saying goodbye to The Parthenon, The Papa Cristo's of Podcasting, what's to come of Turtle's mind?, The Roadkill Cook Off, a decade of free coffee, The Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and what is a Balloon Glow?

Episode 530

Delivering with purpose, The Best Names of the AFC, junkie sheriffs, UYD's Fast Casuals, drafting at The Kilt, USA Today Snapshots, Heyzuz's cross country trip, the return of Celebrity Name Game, the brain is more important than the mind, preparing for network hate-watching, Barnes & Noble Cosmetics, UYD LIVE coming to a city near you, The Copper Chef, does Lesley Stahl play piano?, saying goodbye to Vin Scully, National Truck Driver Appreciation Month, Banned Books Week, digital circulars, The ChemBio Suit, the most expensive store in the world, podcast listeners use paper towels, and Kanye doesn't know anything about fashion.

Episode 529

Are there any more musical festivals?, couldn't get all the way through Radiohead, M&M's turn 75, audio only taste tests, saying goodbye to Charles Osgood, The Detour App, Seth goes on The TMZ Tour, Seth's Celebrity Safari, The Sandbox on Melrose, Helter Skelter Wrap Parties, free DEET at Disney World, updating Where Is The Love?, alligator hunting season, The Best Names of the NFC, get your tickets for a UYD LIVE SHOW near you, Seth needs a ride to The Mall of America, a checkered past at The Varsity Theater, Gene Simmons divulges things, UYD's Fast Casuals, Retired Rocker Trailer Park, USA Today Snapshots, Alpha Wolf, the best episodes of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Dallas Cheer Boys, National Balance Awareness Week, and XOXO.

Episode 528

It's time for fall foliage, preparing for Seth's birthday, UYD's Fast Casuals, USA Today Snapshots, National Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week, stop all jails, stop all schools, Glade's Autumn Collection, The Experiential Men's Group, hot gossip on Y&R, Penthouse Magazine is going rabbit hunting, get your tickets for a UYD Live show, Jonathan's Minneapolis tattoo, people that were born in Minneapolis, the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, Special Export, are Donald Glover and Danny Glover related?, The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B, Silk Exotic, saying goodbye to Rockingham Park, how many lives has Vegas shattered?, preparing for The TMZ Tour, preparing for the Helter Skelter Tour, selling sneakers with your phone, Seth's reality app, ultimate Cowboy's fan Rob Lowe, and the upsides to getting older.

Episode 527

A lot of stuff is happening, be in the Bahv, in the mood for magic, angel whispers, why do they still have The VMA's?, a waterpik for your butthole, favorite emojis of The Little League World Series, ribbin' and riffin', Seth's son's favorite actors, saying goodbye to The OG TiVo, Seth's 28th birthday party, Tony Romo was hurt, Dax Shepard joins The Dallas Cowboys, nicknames for Dak Prescott, crying with The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, National Self University Week, saying goodbye to Sam's Red Hots, UYD LIVE in Milwaukee, UYD LIVE in Minneapolis, America's Best Bathroom, Schlitz: An American Icon, who's got Hef's back?, Seth spots Magic Johnson, UYD's Fast Casuals, The Terpsichorean Debutante Ball, lie differently, "Moon don't shine when the sun don't come up," USA Today Snapshots, and podcasts are better without ads.

Episode 526

The Beloit College Mindset List, extracting cubes from an ice cube tray, USA Today Snapshots, Loews vs Home Depot, rub one out with Breather, UYD's Fast Casual Breastaurants, the hot tastes of tomorrow, National Payroll Week, money wasted on Starbucks gift cards, no more handles on your water, STIHL hats vs John Deere hats, Howie Long's wide feet, The Hard Rock Stadium, UYD LIVE in Milwaukee, saying goodbye to Hop Louie, The US Defense Department says goodbye to the floppy disk, coming close to death, the street drugs of San Quentin, The Holley LS Fest, quick self-driving car news, hack that whip, and the world's first autonomous podcast.

Episode 525

Feeling swoll, turning Lost Boys into a TV show, turning COPS into a movie, to the best of GN'Rs ability, bagpipe lung, RIP Bruno, USA Today Snapshots, refrigerator dating, RIP Lou Pearlman, 2Ge+her 4Ever, breaking into The Brady Bunch house, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime 4K-120fps Walk, UYD LIVE in Milwaukee, The Milwaukee Blacksmith, Dr. Hansen finds a home, "Have a seatbelts...", National Waffle Week, weak armed millennials, Coors Banquet, Hipster Juice, GoShare, UYD's Fast Casuals, high ceilings and hollowing, Saturday Night Palsy, saying goodbye to Patsy's, Gorilla K Field at Mile High, millennial Kael and his millennial horseplay, Persian Warren Beatty in a Ferrari, the many car crashes of Jonathan Larroquette, The Kentucky State BBQ Festival, Neil Simon's Eugene Trilogy, and no matter what you do, don't get sober.

UYD: We do our best.

Episode 524

Seth's blood type, Jonathan's birthday party, The Golden Age of Tech Phase II for OT's, Seth Korrea, The Best Warrior, The Top 10 Real-Ass American Cities, The North Carolina Apple Festival, The Sweet Corn Festival, The Alternative Therapies Convention, hustling celebs to pay the rent, UYD's Fast Casuals, cured from Olympic Fever, the tweets of Cap'n Crunch, USA Today Snapshots, Ask Jonathan, National Be Kind To Humankind Week, saying goodbye to Moore's Furniture Store, guns and porn on Amazon, UYD LIVE in Milwaukee, the portfolio of Pabst Beers, what is Monkey Bread?, finding the center of the US, UYD's designated young person, The Carlsbad Safety Training Center, guarding a Saudi princess, and The Laverne & Shirley Podcast.

Episode 523

Always talking politics, the flat out lies of Hollywood Tours, Seth's All Thing Hollywood Tours, treat yourself with a TMZ Tour, making Hollywood happier in the air, 319 home runs for the Fielders, Eve Plumb's house for sale, USA Today Snapshots, gift card fraud, UYD LIVE in Milwaukee, famous vegan mashees, saying goodbye to American beers, a stairway to heroin, coke spoons for sale, UYD Fast Casuals, watching The Rams play at the Coliseum, Seth visits the Italian American Museum, saying goodbye to The Style Shop, another month un-shot, Metromile, The Muskegon River Clean Up, National Safe At Home Week, Joseph E. Romatelli vs Fire, pissing Uber drivers, and uninterrupted American comedy.

UYD: More fistfights in this city, please.

Episode 522

Average US Life Expectancies, Waffle House Face Offs, trapped inside a gun safe, mailbox prayers, The World Wide Wake Up Tour, the combination of pseudosciences, Dudes Where's My Car?, tubers on Mars, saying goodbye to Caboose Hobbies, preparing Idaho for 2 area codes, the football family of Rooney Mara, living in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Ask Jonathan, UYD Fast Casuals, 4-Gens eat free, National Resurrect Romance Week, The Symbiosis Gathering, Weed / Band / Mind's Eye, the shared consciousness of the crossword puzzle, USA Today Snapshots, treat your wounds like your eyes, and hiring UYD for a private event.

UYD: Aquaphor.

Episode 521

The Imagine Music Festival, USA Today Snapshots, on that Steal Life, The Grand City Grocery Black Market, behind the scenes of Smokey and the Bandit, behind the scenes of Stripes, National Motorcycle Week, The Po'boy Po'cast, Pina Colada/Tequila Cheese, honey on everything, UYD's Fast Casuals, hiring rockstars, Stouffer'z French Bread Pizza, scented trash bags, tap the 57, explaining the speed of light, Prof. Daddy, Parking Ticket Hot Zones, Switch is for liars, where the hell is Justin Bobby?, The August Concert and Wing Festival, saying goodbye to Higley TV & Appliance, fresh pony meat on Assateague Island, Seth's Sting Operation, Alabama Cock Fights, and lane splitting is not a crime.

UYD: It's really wonky with light.

Episode 520

From the boardroom to the bedroom, should you still re-up your Playboy subscription?, Chipotle: The Poison Emporium, breathing is mandatory, Kevin Nealon's house for sale, students flying planes, National Exercise With Your Child Week, Real Life Hulks, UYD's Fast Casuals, What's The Haps With These Apps?, Ask Jonathan, saying goodbye to Skatezone, USA Today Snapshots, fighting the Zika Virus, big ups to Joel Begleiter, it's a bird bloodbath at The U.S. Bank Stadium, bear harvesting, Season 11 of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Project Franchise, bird divorce, murders galore on Hollywood Blvd, dumb digital baseball cards, and let's figure this all out while drinking.

UYD: You need all types for a good Derby Team.

Episode 519

Emotionally affected by the LA fires, what happened to Utopia?, Larroquette: Arson Investigator, apps for your dog, hot Hollywood agent talk, Seth goes to The Cowboys Training Camp, Happy Birthday Jonathan!, National Stop on Red Week, the best concert Jonathan has ever seen, cutting up The Chicago White Sox throwback uniforms, hacking your solar panels, darting eyes and hoodies, Hairbucks, #TacoBellWedding, #ICouldGetInThere, USA Today Snapshots, going down a Herda-Hadda Hole, saying goodbye to The Book Store, saying goodbye to Book World, the pony deaths of Assateague Island, showering underneath Seth's window, Entrepreneurs Awakening, UYD's Fast Casuals, OD'ing twice in one day, carfentanil will put you down, an elephant's greatest piss, full legal murder in the animal kingdom, preparing for Jeep Fest, Ask Jonathan, lettuce salads, and the scariest thing about Stranger Things is the kids on bikes.

Episode 518

Howth the universeth worketh, Sethupathi, The Flights of Contour Airlines, MTV Casting Calls, The Tweets of T.D. Jakes, teaBOT does what teaBOT does, National Baby Food Week, UYD's Fast Casuals, Foul Mouthed Shirts, Cunt Boxer, Christin Stewart's Twilight Steakhouse, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to Premiere Video, waiting for 5G, Bail Capping Schemes, Ask Jonathan, Starbucks gift cards are the new age stamps, Casamatic, and my baby grew up in a dispensary.

Episode 517

Not so many layers on the swim team, USA Today Snapshots, saying goodbye to the Jamba Juice in Larchmont, Bluemercury, North Eastern Road Rage, Physical Gesticulations and Their Origins: The Podcast, turning blood into gum, The World's Largest Float Center, Planet of the Apps, Antiwater, rebranding Ashley Madison, UYD's Fast Casuals, complete fraud Tony Robbins, the tough life of the Hough siblings, National Independent Retailers Week, talking shit about celebs, Ask Jonathan, the coming out of Clayton Rohner, The Devil In Music, aural excitement, Derrick Cocaine Jordan, and don't sleep on a bomb-ass name.

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